About Us

Trees Are Good was founded by Leo and Emma because of their passion for trees, the environment and their belief that all communities should have access to fruit trees.

After spending 15 years in Nottingham running a busy community garden and tree planting scheme across Nottinghamshire, they moved back to Oakington, Cambridgeshire in 2021 to be near family and their cider orchard which was planted in 2010 for their cider business Blue Barrel Cider.

In 2021 they established Trees Are Good to channel their love & experience of trees and community tree planting projects.

''We plant trees in all settings, from schools, to recreation parks and council verges.

We are able to advise on the best tree for your space, down to the variety of apple whether it be an early variety or a later cropping variety. We can offer advice and support in sourcing funding, run community planting days and follow up with tree maintenance to ensure your trees will survive and thrive. 

We also offer consultation to those wishing to plant their own orchard or want advice in setting up a community orchard.

We look forward to planting some trees with you

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