Trees For Communities


  • We can provide advice on suitable sites within school grounds for trees and mini orchards
  •  We can organise and deliver planting days with the pupils
  • We will choose varieties that best suit school settings, from smaller rootstocks so the fruit is kid friendly picking height to varieties which produce vibrant, disease resistant tasty apples which harvest during term time. 
  • We offer follow up tree care and maintenance to ensure your trees succeed
  • We can run apple pressing days with the harvested fruit using our mobile apple pressing kit. 


  • We can provide consultation about planting trees in public spaces with local residents and community groups
  • We work with councils to identify suitable land for public tree planting projects
  • We engage & support volunteers and run community tree planting days
  • We can offer support and advice in sourcing funding for tree planting projects
  • We can provide follow up tree care for your planting site as well as practical workshops on pruning and tree maintainence

Local Authorities & Businesses

  • We work with local authorities and businesses by making connections with local projects & grassroots organisations
  • We can help businesses, councils & communities fulfil their tree planting & environmental aims
  • We can coordinate and manage community tree planting days
  • We can provide support, advice and tree aftercare
  • We can offer training in grafting, pruning and orchard maintenance.
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